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Depressed people are often asked
To promise they’ll STAY.
To not give in to the pain.
Just STAY!
It sounds so simple,
Until you feel
The suffocating darkness
That comes when
Your own brain turns against you.
Sometimes it seems stronger
Than your own ability to resist.
Do you know what you are asking,
When you say, “JUST STAY!”?


It means choosing more suffering.
And enduring more pain.
To STAY is
An ongoing battle.
To believe God has purpose in it.
That there is more to this life
Than the pain.
That He has and will redeem.
One Day.

Can I ask you something?
The friend.
Will you STAY?
Next to me, or her or him.
Please don’t bring a string of words.
Just STAY.

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To enter this battle willingly?
That’s crazy!
But it can make a big difference.
To sit and STAY in someone else’s pain.
Without answers or solutions.
It’s uncomfortable and risky.
You may do it wrong,
Or even be pushed away.
Will you lay aside your fears?
Will you STAY alongside
Someone else who is struggling,
And bring hope to someone today?

To help fight the lies.
You are not alone.
You are KNOWN.
You are not a problem.
You are LOVED.
You are not an inconvenience.
Your life is deeply VALUABLE.


STAYING is brave,
But it’s also contagious.
Knowing there are others fighting.
To believe when you can’t see.
To persevere when it feels impossible.
Are you willing to do what you ask of me?
It takes courage.
Who will walk beside me in this pain?
To be still and quiet and weak
Is vulnerable.
Please STAY.


I know there is ONE
Who won’t leave us alone,

For when the night was darkest,


He knew the cup would be bitter.
In fact, it would crush Him.
But still, He STAYED.
For you and for me.

God WITH us.
He took our shame.
He chose to STAY.

We often struggle to STAY,
But His STAYING brought life
and LIGHT to our darkest days.
He’s made it possible.



1 thought on “STAY

  1. That is beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for the help to minister to those in deep pain!
    Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your gifts that God has given you with us! Love you!

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